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While it might appear counter intuitive, for most motivated entrepreneurs, a recessionary cycle is a very opportune time to begin a business actually. While there are financial and logistical hurdles to be looked at always, the silver coating at night economic cloud is significantly affordable local rental rates and landlords who are highly motivated to make an offer. While making any significant investment is a large decision and really should never be joined into lightly, learning to be a franchisee is an popular option for many aspiring entrepreneurs increasingly.

For new franchisees who can secure financing, a little business could possibly be the ideal way to release a new profession or fulfill a lifelong desire.

Today are diverse and plentiful franchise opportunities. The emergence of increasingly powerful and flexible online tools has helped make franchise options more accessible than previously. While a franchisee’s business, educational background and financial capacity shall always play a role in identifying what industry is right for them, and the growing scenery of industry will are likely involved in the decision-making process always, generally, deciding what franchise opportunity is right for you is a matter of requesting the right questions simply.

For anybody considering entering into a franchise agreement and giving serious concern in regards to what kind of franchise is right to them, here are some key questions to consider:

May be the market saturated?
Competition and saturation are critically important market- and industry-specific elements to consider when evaluating your franchise options. Even the most encouraging home based business may seem less appealing used than it can in writing if your street to success is impeded with a saturated market place or more information on local or local competitors.

Have you got something special to provide?
For many potential franchisees, the value of the potential opportunity is related to not only the quality intimately, but the unique character of the products or services they offer also. What can appear like an exciting challenge to some may feel pedestrian and boring to someone else. It is important that you critically, the entrepreneur, are excited and motivated about your business.

The type of employees shall you need?
How big is your workforce and certain requirements in terms of training, turnover and support is another important thought. While some sectors require skilled labor, others, such as hospitality and restaurants, have a skillset that may be taught and/or obtained via hands-on training. Locating the “nice spot” between your high-end labor costs required of specialized industries with highly-skilled and trained employees, and the high-turnover head aches that can plague franchisees whose employees see their job as short-term or as a stepping-stone in their profession is key.

Will it carry receivables?
As the current credit crunch clearly illustrates all too, it could be difficult to secure sufficient and affordable bank financing to transport your receivables. Prospective franchisees have to be careful of entering into sectors that require increasing credit from the business enterprise owner to the buyer. For many, a far more popular option is to enter a cash-and-carry or pay-as-you-go business design that will not carry receivables; removing or reducing the necessity to rely on expensive credit lines.

What exactly are the inventory requirements?
Inventory requirements can greatly vary, and can have a defining effect on the best success of a fresh business. Potential franchisees should become aware of the attendant costs, responsibilities and concerns of businesses that want a considerable inventory, including spoilage, theft, shelving, managing, delivery and other transporting costs. Additionally, the higher initial investment necessary for inventory-based business models, and the power of the dog owner to generally reach profitable position quicker in a service-industry or low-inventory industry makes these popular options for most new franchisees.

Is this a continuing business model with a successful record of success?
Prioritize business models which have proven stamina. Identifying an industry and an functional model that has proven it could work – and can continue steadily to work – should be considered a prerequisite for just about any thoughtful business owner. It is helpful to be part of a social or financial trend always; an increasing tide elevates all vessels, and getting into a business that is increasing in conditions of recognition or prominence can make a massive difference to your important thing.

Will the franchisor give a strong support system?
A solid support system is one of the sole most significant elements to consider whenever choosing the right franchise for you. A good franchisor can provide what is a turnkey solution virtually. Quality franchisors provide materials, financial and logistical experience and support for new franchisees in from rent negotiation, site selection build-out and assistance specs, to marketing and advertising support and comprehensive in-house and on-site training. The best go above and beyond email and phone support to offer customized training just, plus some even provide advanced franchise management tools such as high-quality web-based management systems that are remotely accessible and user-friendly. related topic: How to Start a Franchise Business in Malaysia

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Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo

Malaysia franchise expo 2019 2020Malaysia franchise & license expo Oct 2020 at

Sunway Convention Centre open to exhibitors & visitors for local and international franchising or licensing opportunities.

Organised by MFLexpo Malaysia.

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What is Franchising?



Diversifying depends on a showcasing idea which can be embraced by an association as a methodology for business development. Where actualized, a franchisor licenses its skill, methods, protected innovation, utilization of its plan of action, brand, and rights to offer its marked items and administrations to a franchisee. Consequently the franchisee pays certain expenses and consents to conform to specific commitments, ordinarily set out in a Franchise Agreement.

“Franchise” is of Anglo-French inference—from franc, which means free—and is utilized both as a thing and as a (transitive) verb. For the franchisor, utilization of an establishment framework is an elective business development methodology, contrasted with extension through corporate possessed outlets or “chain stores”. Embracing an establishment framework business development procedure for the deal and circulation of products and enterprises limits the franchisor’s capital speculation and obligation chance.

Diversifying isn’t an equivalent organization, particularly because of the prevalence of the franchisor over the franchisee. Yet, under explicit conditions like straightforwardness, great legitimate conditions, money related methods and appropriate statistical surveying, diversifying can be a vehicle of achievement for both franchisor and franchisee.

Thirty-six nations have laws that unequivocally control diversifying, with most of every single other nation having laws which have an immediate or backhanded impact on franchising. Franchising is likewise utilized as an outside market passage mode.

History of Franchising

The blast in diversifying didn’t occur until after World War II. All things considered, the fundamentals of current diversifying go back to the Middle Ages when landowners settled on establishment like concurrences with charge authorities, who held a level of the cash they gathered and turned the rest over. The training finished around 1562 yet spread to other endeavors. For instance, in seventeenth century England franchisees were allowed the privilege to support markets and fairs or work ships. There was little development in diversifying, however, until the mid-nineteenth century, when it showed up in the United States just because.

One of the main fruitful American diversifying tasks was begun by a venturesome pharmacist named John S. Pemberton. In 1886, he composed a refreshment containing sugar, molasses, flavors, and cocaine. Pemberton authorized chosen individuals to jug and sell the beverage, which was an early form of what is currently known as Coca-Cola. His was one of the soonest—and best—diversifying activities in the United States.

The Singer Company executed a diversifying plan during the 1850s to convey its sewing machines. The activity fizzled, however, on the grounds that the organization didn’t procure a lot of cash despite the fact that the machines sold well. The sellers, who had select rights to their regions, ingested the greater part of the benefits as a result of profound limits. Some neglected to push Singer items, so contenders had the option to beat the organization. Under the current contract, Singer could neither pull back rights conceded to franchisees nor send in its very own salaried agents. In this way, the organization began repurchasing the rights it had sold. The test demonstrated to be a disappointment. That may have been one of the main occasions a franchisor fizzled, however it was in no way, shape or form the last. (Indeed, even Colonel Sanders didn’t at first prevail in his Kentucky Fried Chicken diversifying endeavors.) Still, the Singer adventure didn’t put a conclusion to diversifying.

Different organizations had a go at diversifying in some structure after the Singer experience. For instance, quite a few years after the fact, General Motors Corporation built up a fairly effective diversifying activity so as to raise capital. Maybe the dad of present day diversifying, however, is Louis K. Liggett. In 1902, Liggett welcomed a gathering of pharmacists to join a “sedate helpful.” As he disclosed to them, they could build benefits by saving money on their buys, particularly on the off chance that they set up their own assembling organization. His thought was to showcase private mark items. Around 40 pharmacists pooled $4,000 of their own cash and received the name “Rexall”. Deals took off, and Rexall turned into a franchisor. The chain’s prosperity set an example for different franchisors to pursue.

Albeit numerous entrepreneurs affiliated with agreeable endeavors of some sort, there was little development in diversifying until the mid twentieth century, and in whatever structure diversifying existed, it looked not at all like what it is today. As the United States moved from a farming to a mechanical economy, makers authorized people to sell autos, trucks, gas, refreshments, and an assortment of different items. The franchisees did minimal more than selling the items, however. The sharing of obligation related with contemporary diversifying course of action didn’t exist all things considered. Thusly, diversifying was not a development industry in the United States.

It was not until the 1960s and 1970s that individuals started to investigate the allure of diversifying. The idea captivated individuals with innovative soul. In any case, there were not kidding entanglements for financial specialists, which nearly finished the training before it turned out to be really well known.


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Charges and agreement game plan

Three significant installments are made to a franchisor: (an) an eminence for the trademark, (b) repayment for the preparation and warning administrations given to the franchisee, and (c) a level of the individual specialty unit’s deals. These three charges might be joined in a solitary ‘administration’ expense. A charge for “divulgence” is independent and is constantly a “front-end expense”.

An establishment for the most part goes on for a fixed timespan (separated into shorter periods, which each require restoration), and serves a particular region or topographical zone encompassing its area. One franchisee may deal with a few such areas. Understandings regularly last from five to thirty years, with untimely scratch-offs or terminations of most agreements bearing genuine ramifications for franchisees. An establishment is only a brief business speculation including leasing or renting an opportunity, not the acquisition of a business with the end goal of proprietorship. It is delegated a squandering resource because of the limited term of the permit.

Establishment expenses are overall 6.7% with an extra normal advertising charge of 2%. However, not all establishment openings are the equivalent and many establishment associations are spearheading new models that challenge old-fashioned structures and rethink accomplishment for the association just as the franchisee.

An establishment can be elite, non-selective or “sole and restrictive”.

In spite of the fact that franchisor incomes and benefit might be recorded in an establishment exposure archive (FDD), no laws require a gauge of franchisee gainfulness, which relies upon how seriously the franchisee “works” the establishment. Consequently, franchisor expenses are normally founded on “net income from deals” and not on benefits figured it out. See compensation.

Different physical assets and intangibles, for example, national or universal publicizing, preparing and other bolster administrations are normally made accessible by the franchisor.

Establishment intermediaries help franchisors find fitting franchisees. There are likewise primary ‘ace franchisors’ who acquire the rights to sub-establishment in a region.

As per the International Franchise Association roughly 44% of all organizations in the United States are franchisee-worked.

Justification and hazard move

Diversifying is one of only a handful not many methods accessible to get to funding without the need to surrender control of the activity of the chain and manufacture a circulation framework for overhauling it. After the brand and recipe are deliberately planned and appropriately executed, franchisors can sell establishments and extend quickly crosswise over nations and landmasses utilizing the capital and assets of their franchisees while decreasing their own hazard.

There is likewise hazard for the individuals purchasing the establishments. Notwithstanding, disappointment rates are a lot of lower for establishment organizations than autonomous business startups.

Franchisor rules forced by the diversifying authority are getting progressively exacting. Some franchisors are utilizing minor rule infringement to end contracts and hold onto the establishment with no reimbursement.

Points of interest and impediments of diversifying as a section mode

Diversifying carries with it a few focal points and detriments for firms hoping to venture into new territories and outside business sectors. The essential favorable position is that the firm doesn’t need to tolerate the improvement cost and dangers of opening an outside market without anyone else, as the Franchisee is ordinarily liable for those expenses and dangers, putting the onus on the Franchisee to assemble a beneficial activity as fast as possible. Through diversifying, a firm has the capability of building a worldwide nearness rapidly and furthermore requiring little to no effort and risk.

An essential disservice to diversifying is quality control, as the franchisor needs the association’s image name to pass on a message to purchasers about the quality and consistency of the association’s product. They need the shopper to encounter a similar quality paying little respect to area or establishment status. This can demonstrate to be an issue with diversifying, as a client who had a terrible involvement with one establishment may accept that they will have a similar involvement with different areas with different administrations. Separation can make it hard for firms to identify whether the establishments are of poor quality. One path around this burden is to set up additional auxiliaries in every nation or state in which the firm extends. This makes fewer franchisees to regulate, which will lessen the quality control challenges.

Commitments of the gatherings

Each gathering to an establishment has a few interests to secure. The franchisor is associated with verifying assurance for the trademark, controlling the business idea and verifying ability. The franchisee is committed to complete the administrations for which the trademark has been made conspicuous or well known. There is a lot of institutionalization required. The spot of administration needs to hold up under the franchisor’s signs, logos and trademark in a conspicuous spot. The regalia worn by the staff of the franchisee must be of a specific structure and shading. The administration must be as per the example pursued by the franchisor in the effective establishment activities. Along these lines, franchisees are not in full control of the business, as they would be in retailing.

An assistance can be fruitful if gear and supplies are obtained at a reasonable cost from the franchisor or sources prescribed by the franchisor. An espresso mix, for instance, can be promptly recognized by the trademark if its crude materials originate from a specific provider. In the event that the franchisor requires buy from her stores, it might go under enemy of trust enactment or equal laws of other countries. So too the buy things like garbs of staff and signs, just as the establishment destinations, in the event that they are claimed or constrained by the franchisor.

The franchisee should cautiously arrange the permit and should build up an advertising or strategy with the franchisor. The charges must be completely uncovered and there ought not be any concealed expenses. The beginning up expenses and working capital must be known before the permit is allowed. There must be confirmation that extra licensees won’t swarm the “region” if the establishment is worked by plan. The franchisee must be viewed as a free vendor. It must be shielded by the franchisor from any trademark encroachment by outsiders. An establishment lawyer is required to help the franchisee during negotiations. Useful Tips for choosing franchise

Frequently the preparation time frame – the expenses of which are in incredible part secured by the underlying charge – is excessively short in situations where it is important to work confounded hardware, and the franchisee needs to take in alone from guidance manuals. The preparation time frame must be sufficient, yet in ease establishments it might be viewed as costly. Numerous franchisors have set up corporate colleges to prepare staff on the web. This is notwithstanding giving writing, deals reports and email get to.

Additionally, establishment understandings convey no certifications or guarantees and the franchisee has practically zero plan of action to lawful mediation in case of a dispute. Franchise contracts will in general be one-sided and support of the franchisor, who is commonly shielded from claims from their franchisees in view of the non-debatable agreements that franchisees are required to recognize, as a result, that they are purchasing the establishment realizing that there is hazard, and that they have not been guaranteed achievement or benefits by the franchisor. Agreements are inexhaustible at the sole alternative of the franchisor. Most franchisors require franchisees to consent to arrangements that command where and under what law any contest would be disputed.


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Biggest franchised chains

The accompanying U.S. posting tabulates the mid 2010 positioning of significant establishments alongside the quantity of sub-franchisees (or accomplices) from information accessible for 2004. The United States is an innovator in diversifying, a position it has held since the 1930s when it utilized the methodology for drive-through eateries, nourishment hotels and, somewhat later, motels at the hour of the Great Depression. Starting at 2005, there were 909,253 set up diversified organizations, producing $880.9 billion of yield and representing 8.1 percent of all private, non-ranch employments. This adds up to 11 million occupations, and 4.4 percent of all private division output.

1. Metro (sandwiches and servings of mixed greens) | startup costs $84,300 – $258,300 (41,916 areas worldwide in 2015).

2. McDonald’s | startup costs in 2010, $995,900 – $1,842,700 (36,368 Locations in 2015)

3. 7-Eleven Inc. (accommodation stores) | startup costs in 2010 $40,500-$775,300, (56,439 areas in 2015)

4. Hampton Inns and Suites (midprice inns) | startup costs in 2010 $3,716,000 – $15,148,800

5. Extraordinary Clips (hair salons) | startup costs in 2010 $109,000 – $203,000 (3,694 areas in 2015)

6. H&R Block (charge planning and now e-recording) | startup costs $26,427 – $84,094 (10,800 areas in 2015)

7. Dunkin’ Donuts | startup costs in 2010 $537,750 – $1,765,300

8. Jani-King (business cleaning) | startup costs $11,400 – $35,050, (11,000 accomplices worldwide in 2004)

9. Servpro (protection and fiasco rebuilding and cleaning) | startup costs in 2010 $102,250 – $161,150

10. MiniMarkets (comfort store and corner store) | startup costs in 2010 $1,835,823 – $7,615,065

Fair sized establishments like cafés, fuel stations and trucking stations include generous speculation and require all the consideration of a businessman.

There are likewise enormous establishments like lodgings, spas and medical clinics, which are talked about further under mechanical collusions.

About the Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo

Exhibit Hours:

Friday-Saturday 10:00AM-8:00PM • Sunday 10:00AM-8:00PM • 16 – 18 October 2020

Entrance Fee: Free

Participants:  15000

Visitors: 150 Exhibitors – Estimated Count
Visitors Guidelines:
  • Children below 4ft will not be allowed in the exhibit areas
  • The organizer will not be held liable for visitor’s dealings/transactions with the exhibitors.
  • The organizer will not be held liable for accidents, theft and/or any untoward incidents in the exhibit areas.
  • Wear proper attire – Business Casual. Wearing of sleeveless, undershirt and slippers are strictly prohibited inside the expo hall.
  • Wear the visitors badge inside the exhibition hall at all times.

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Exhibit Space Cost/Pricing

Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo

MFL Exhibit Space – Available Size in : Square Meter 9 m2.

Malaysia Company – RM7,000   |   Non-Malaysia Company – RM10,000

For Malaysian Company Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo – MFL Expo Organised by: Bold Sqm Plt Venue at: Sunway Convention Centre ( CP3 ) Date: 16th – 18th October 2020 Time: 10am – 8pm Exhibit Space Cost Available Size in : Square Meter 9 m2. more info at


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How to start a franchise business in Malaysia 2020

Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo Oct 2020


How to Start a Franchise Business in Malaysia 2020


Beginning a business through diversifying can be a decent method to lessen the dangers generally connected with new businesses, and it is turning out to be increasingly more typical in Malaysia. The Malaysian government has put out an aspiring objective for the establishment business to contribute 9.4% to total national output by 2020. It intends to cause Malaysia to develop as a main establishment center point in the locale.

Choosing which establishment you’ll go with is a significant choice. It is basic to have a careful comprehension of everything there is to think about the specific establishment you intend to join. With a tad of research, you can recognize an awful establishment offer a mile away. We’ve amassed a convenient rundown with the best things for you to do to assist you with beginning your very own establishment.

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Go to Franchise Events

So you’ve chosen to begin an establishment, fantastic! You may initially need to get a general thought of what you are getting into. A decent method to figure out your potential outcomes is to go to diversifying occasions, for example, Malaysia Franchise and Licensing Expo 2020 Oct sixteenth – eighteenth These occasions are by and large composed by franchisors searching for franchisees; establishment intercession organizations; or establishment administrative bodies, for example, the Malaysian Franchise Association.

During these occasions you can connect with delegates of these three gatherings and see what alternatives there are for the area that you had as a main priority. Be cautious, however, as the establishment slows down are commonly kept an eye on by sales reps who will attempt to persuade you that their establishment is the best decision. In any case, on the off chance that you can deal with that, an establishment occasion is an extraordinary method to consider going all in. On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, this may be a decent time to focus in on a specific business segment.

Do a Web Search

When you have discovered an appropriate business part, it’s the ideal opportunity for due persistence. With the end goal for you to figure out which establishment offer is the best inside your ideal business area, you should do a ton of research on the significant perspectives, for example, introductory section charge, eminences, authoritative administrations, and development costs.

The vast majority of this data ought to be open information, and can be found in the establishment offers area that franchisors for the most part distribute on their site. Then again, various establishments on offer in Malaysia can be analyzed simultaneously on Franchise Asia’s site, in this manner sparing time. Wipe out the offers that are outside of your financial limit or that are inaccessible in your area, and in a perfect world you will have four or five appropriate offers remaining. On the off chance that you have no business experience or on the off chance that you are battling, employ a bookkeeper to assist you with dealing with this.

Since you have an exhaustive comprehension of every one of these organizations, it’s an ideal opportunity to get out there and look at things for yourself. Figure out the spots you visit and their everyday activity. On the off chance that you are influential, you may even get the neighborhood administrator to let the cat out of the bag about the internal functions of the establishment.

Counsel with the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA)

In the mid 1990s the Malaysian government distinguished high establishment rates as a solid financial driver. As a response, the MFA was made by the administration to help fabricate an establishment cordial monetary condition. They sort out occasions, support franchisees and offer instructional classes that help establishment business people make their organizations a triumph. They can be an extraordinary asset and help when you are attempting to get your business off the ground. tips: Useful Tips for choosing franchise

Ask Consultants and Lawyers

Aside from counseling your own legal counselor, you can meet with an autonomous establishment specialist. These are normally legal counselors who spend significant time in establishment understandings. They can give superb experiences that your normal legal advisor may miss.

Draw Up Your Business Plan

At this point, you ought to in a perfect world realize which establishment you are going to join. The time has come to draw up your field-tested strategy. A marketable strategy is a composed portrayal of your business’ future and will fundamentally be the plan of your organization. In the event that you need outside financing, a solid marketable strategy can convince imminent speculators to supply you with capital. Aside from that, it tends to be a rule for your initial scarcely any long stretches of activity.

Composing a decent field-tested strategy can be troublesome on the grounds that you should make evaluates about the future execution of your business, which is dependent upon vulnerability. Your franchisor can be an extraordinary assistance with this. They will probably have a model field-tested strategy from which you can begin, in addition to a ton of information from different franchisees which, if translated appropriately, can help make your own income assesses increasingly reasonable.

When you have done all the above mentioned, and you are as yet sure you need to go ahead, the time has come to formally record your establishment. So as to approve your association with the franchisor, you’ll have to sign and enroll an establishment understanding.

All establishment understandings in Malaysia must be enrolled with the Franchise Registry. An establishment understanding needs to contain the accompanying:

  • The name and portrayal of the item and business under the establishment.
  • The regional rights allowed to the franchisee; 20 Laws of Malaysia ACT 590.
  • The establishment charge, advancement expense, sovereignty or any related sort of installment which might be forced on the franchisee.
  • The commitments of the franchisor.
  • The commitments of the franchisee.
  • The franchisee’s privileges to utilize the imprint or some other protected innovation, pending the enrollment or after the enlistment of the establishment.
  • The conditions under which the franchisee may dole out the privileges of the establishment.
  • An announcement on the chilling time frame as gave in subsection.
  • On the off chance that the understanding is identified with an ace franchisee, the franchisor’s personality and the rights acquired by the ace franchisee from the franchisor.
  • The sort and points of interest of help gave by the franchisor.
  • The span of the establishment and the terms of recharging.
  • The impact of end or lapse of the establishment understanding.

As you’ve seen, beginning an establishment requires a great deal of arrangement. Be shrewd about it and do some examination before you hop directly into the establishment business. It will in all probability increment the possibility of your business being a triumph.

related info:

The 2018 Malaysian franchise market, by sector, can be divided into:

  • Food and Beverage: 42 percent
  • Clothing and Accessories: 10 percent
  • Education and childcare: 11 percent
  • Services: 11 percent
  • Beauty and Healthcare concepts: 8 percent
  • ICT: 3 percent
  • Convenience Stores: 2 percent
  • Others: 12 percent

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Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Fair /  Exhibition

Information by:

More info please contact Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo

Related Topic: Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo Oct 2020

Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo Oct 2020



Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo Oct 2020

Malaysia franchise & license expo Oct 2020 at Sunway Convention Centre open to exhibitors & visitors for local and international franchising or licensing opportunities. Organised by MFLexpo Malaysia.
With more than ten (10) years of experience in the exhibition industry, we, the management team of BOLD SQM PLT will utilize our expertise to create a platform for Local and International Companies to promote and to create opportunities for prospective investors to invest in the franchise industry. Furthermore, we will also be collaborating with Socialmex (which is hosted by the famous Malaysian DJ – Jeff Chin) for marketing and advertisement.

Malaysia franchise & license expo Oct 2020 open to exhibitors & visitors for local and international franchising or licensing opportunities. Organised by MFLexpo Malaysia.

Visit The Best Franchise Show “Own Your Own Business”

See the most successful franchises + brand new opportunities from every industry. you can find invaluable information about franchising and licensing!

3 days only! Meet Face to Face with Proven Businesses

This is your only opportunity to meet with the hottest businesses face to face. Save Hundreds of Hours of Research Time!

Make More Money: Franchising is the EASY & BEST Way to Own a Business

Take control of your future and increase your income. Get the info you need to find the business that is right for you!

Who Should Exhibit

  • Automotive
  • Beauty, Health & Spa
  • Business & Law Consultation
  • Design & Marketing
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Fintech & Payment Online System
  • Finance / Property
  • Food & Beverage Brands
  • Home & Living
  • Investment
  • Kindergarten, Academy & Tuition Centre
  • Laundry & Services
  • Mobile Apps
  • Retail & Equipment
  • POS System, IT & Security System
  • Tour & Travel
  • Wine & Gourmet

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Exhibit Space Cost/Pricing

Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo

MFL Exhibit Space – Available Size in : Square Meter 9 m2.

Malaysia Company – RM7,000   |   Non-Malaysia Company – RM10,000

For Malaysian Company Malaysia Franchise & Licensing Expo – MFL Expo Organised by: Bold Sqm Plt Venue at: Sunway Convention Centre ( CP3 ) Date: 16th – 18th October 2020 Time: 10am – 8pm Exhibit Space Cost Available Size in : Square Meter 9 m2. more info at 

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Franchise Expo, Event or Fair in Malaysia

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How to start a franchise business in Malaysia 2020

What is Franchising?

2020年10月16日-10月18日 (3天)
早上10点 – 晚上8点
MFL博览会聚集了来自世界各国的企业家和投资者, 预计将有超过250个品牌和150个参展商参与。
这是一个与成千上万的潜在客户进行面对面互动,并且与数百名志同道合的特许经营者和企业主同聚在一个屋檐下的绝佳机会-  MFL
Pos 系统,信息技术& 保安系统

选择创业而不是找工作 (大学生以上)
每个海外参展商 7000马来西亚令吉 | 2400美元
• 展位面积3米 x 3米(9平方米)
• 地毯
• 牌上附带公司名
• 13amp单相电源插座
• 2×手臂聚光灯
• 折叠椅
• 服务台
每个海外参展商 6000马来西亚令吉 | 2200美元
• 展位面积3m x 3m(9平方米)
200K 配套
15米 x 6米(90平方米)
MFL E-展会目录广告(内封面&封底)
MFL E-展会目录广告
营销宣传品牌 – 社交媒体
Jeff, CEO俱乐部的采访会议
120K 配套
12米 x 6米(72平方米)
MFL E-展会目录广告
营销宣传品牌 – 社交媒体
Jeff, CEO俱乐部的采访会议
60K 配套
9米 x 6米(54平方米)
MFL E-展会目录广告
营销宣传品牌 – 社交媒体
Jeff, CEO俱乐部的采访会议
40K 配套
6米 x 6米(36平方米)
MFL E-展会目录广告
营销宣传品牌 – 社交媒体
Jeff, CEO俱乐部的采访会议
• 商业配对
• 商业演示
• 最佳展位设计奖
• 企业家脱口秀
• 参展商聚会
BOLD SQM PLT 的管理团队在展览行业已拥有超过十(10)年的经验。 我们非常自豪地宣布, 我们目前正与 SOCIALMEX(由马来西亚著名DJ – Jeff Chin主持)合作进行营销和广告项目。 据资料显示,他的每个采访视频观看次数皆超过30,000次,最高观看率为6个月内600,000次 。
谁是Jeff Chin?
Jeff Chin曾是一名MY FM广播电台(马来西亚第一中文广播电台)的中文播音员。 回到18年前。他开始了他的电台播音员生涯,并在这行业中表现非常出色。由于他能说一口流利的中文,广东话和英文,所以在他出名后曾多次被邀请代言各种知名品牌。
在娱乐业取得成功后,他致力于创业。 他在2018年6月正式放弃了广播播音员的工作而专注于自己的公司Socialmex。 他利用自己以前在不同行业获得的经验带领公司实现长期目标。 通过勤奋的工作态度,热情,善于交际和乐观,他赢得了所有人的尊重。
• 2017年最具影响力的100位年轻企业家
• 2017 2018年 Grandeur国际商业奖
• 2018年马来西亚最具影响力名人奖
• 2018年第二杰出辉煌成就奖
• 2018年Brandlaureate著名商业最佳品牌奖
“Law & Justice”(Facebook群):马来西亚最大的法律论坛
9.Kuek先生于2015年3月22日在Facebook创建了一个以“Law & Justice”(“该群”)为名的法律群。
Kuek, Ong & Associates
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SPCC是一所公认的受欢迎场所。它位于马来西亚最受欢迎的购物中心之一Sunway Pyramid ,地理位置优越,每天有成千上万的游客。 此外,Sunway Pyramid 的中心位置和交通便捷使它成为当地人和游客的首选目的地。
SPCC位于Sunway Pyramid购物中心的高楼层(CP3和CP4),通过空调连接桥与Sunway Resort Hotel&Spa酒店直接相连,及通过购物中心与Sunway Pyramid酒店和Sunway Clio酒店相连。此外,五星级酒店Sunway Resort Hotel&Spa及四星级酒店Sunway Pyramid 酒店和Sunway Clio 酒店可提供超过1,400间住宿客房。
SPCC位于吉隆坡和雪兰莪之间,地理位置优越,以完善的交通网路和高速公路将会议中心与各住宅区和商业区连接起来。您还可以通过New Pantai Expressway高速公路,用Sunway Pyramid专用隧道抵达会议中心的门厅。
• 距吉隆坡国际机场(KLIA)约35分钟车程
• 距吉隆坡市中心约25分钟车程
轻轨系统(LRT)[USJ 7站下车] → 公车捷运系统(BRT)[前往Sunway Lagoon站]
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